KQ-102  Halloween Party & Spook Patrol

I pledge that I will NOT deface or destroy property.  I pledge that I WILL look both ways before crossing the street.  I pledge that I WILL finish my trick or treating and be home by 8:00 pm and be listening to KQ-102's HALLOWEEN PARTY & SPOOK PATROL,  6 to 10 pm to be eligible to win a prize from KQEW Radio.

If we draw your pledge card, call your house and find you home, you'll win a prize from one of our participating sponsors.  Please sign your pledge card and send  it to us for your chance to win.


1) Name of Trick-or-Treater: 

2) Phone number:                                  CLICK HERE TO EMAIL
3) Age:

4) Address: 

5) Name of Parent or Guardian: