08/09/17  Mayor MacNichol Discusses Water At Last Night's Council Meeting


The Fordyce City Council met last night for their regular meeting. Mayor John MacNichol opened the meeting with an update on the problem with the water over the weekend. The Mayor said two wells had gone out and had to be repaired and put back on line. He told us the water's fit to drink again.

The Mayor and council discussed about how best to get the word out to the public in case of an emergency. MacNichol said that he had considered Code Red before but had not gone on line with it, but now he said he thought that would be the thing to do.

City Attorney Tom Wynne read a lengthy ordinance the council is considering pertaining to LEADS online. At present only scrap yards are required to be able to provide information about material brought to their yard that could possibly be stolen, now pawn shops will be included. Mayor MacNichol said all the surrounding towns are online.

The Mayor also provided a drawing to the council that depicts a welcome sign that will be erected on the north junction of highway 167-79 entering Fordyce. The Mayor's hoping that project will get underway soon. The council gave its approval to the sign's construction.