08/02/17  Dallas County Circuit Court


On July 28,  in Dallas County Circuit Court, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Tom Wynne of Fordyce filed criminal charges against three Fordyce men.

34 year old Nicholas A. Ross of Fordyce was charged with the robbery of Nonya Malone. The incident occurred on March 23 while Malone was in  church at Bread of Life church. The charges state that Ross, a boyfriend of Malone came into the church and assaulted her, ripping out an earring and taking her purse.

21 year old Cornelius Demarcus Morris of Fordyce is charged with rape of a minor female. That incident occurred on November 1, 2016.

36 year old Corey Lynn Hawkins of Fordyce has been charged in circuit court with robbing beer from Bailey's Exxon Moro Street. That incident was  reported on June 29,  by an attendant at Bailey's.

39 year old Ricky James Frisby Jr. of Fordyce has been charged in circuit court in Dallas County with the rape on June 17, of a female less than 14 years of age.

The 239th traffic fatality of the year was recorded in Sebastian County on U.S

Highway 71 at Brooken Hill Drive in Ft. Smith.

According to a preliminary state police report..63 year old Janet Kessler died of

injuries suffered in a crash involving three vehicles. Kessler's 2014 Chevrolet

Cruze..eastbound on Brooken Hill Drive was hit broadside by a southbound

2006 Toyta Tacoma..the light changed and the driver of the Tacoma attempted

to stop..but not in time and struck Kessler's vechile on the drivers side..Kessler's

car then spun into a light pole and then collided with a a north bound 2015

Hyundai Sonota..who was stopped in the northbound turning lane of U.S. 71.

The drivers of the other vehicles not available in the report.

The injured were taken to a Ft. Smith hospital..where Kessler died of her

injuries. Weather conditions were clear..the roadway dry at the time of the

crash at 11:14 Thursday morning. Ft. Smith PD investigated.