07/21/17  Ouachita County Sheriff's Report


On July 17, Ouachita county deputy Ryan Coleman received a report from J&S Logging concerning the possible sabotage of logging equipment. Owner Scott Ray told Coleman a transmission recently went out in one of their skidders, sand and metal flakes were found in the oil. Scott said someone had to put the sand in the oil. He said back in December,  while logging on county road 51 someone made threats to destroy some of his logging equipment. He said he didn't start having problems until June. Scott had to replace the transmission at a cost of $15,900.00  labor. The case remains under investigation.

July 16,  Ouachita County Deputy Dustin Vaughn was dispatched to a location in Bearden on a hit and run report. Melissa Anderson said she was traveling north behind a white Dodge pickup truck when the truck pulled over to the side of the road. Anderson thought the driver was letting her pass by. She said when she got part way around the truck, it made a U-turn and turned into her truck, hitting her and driving away. There was considerable visible damage to Anderson's vehicle. The other vehicle was not located.

Vaughn also reports that on July 15, he was dispatched to Bearden Lumber Company on a report of an intoxicated woman. Vaughn made contact with 26 year old Summer Beavers of Bearden who smelled of intoxicants. Beavers advised Vaughn she had two flat tires on her vehicle and was waiting for her boyfriend to change them. Beavers was arrested for public intoxication and given a court date of August 17.

July 14, Ouachita County Deputy Jared Brownlee was dispatched to 137 Ouachita 411 on a residential burglary report. Home owner David Gill advised Brownlee that he had been away from his home for a couple days and when he returned he discovered his home had been broken into and several items taken including two 40 inch TV's, a chain saw, weed eater, 40 caliber handgun, two shot guns and a two cross bows. Someone broke into the home through a window. The case was turned over to Ouachita county criminal investigators.

44 year old Tina Sample of Sparkman was arrested following a traffic stop on 79-B in Camden. Ouachita County Deputy Jared Brownlee stopped Sample after he saw her swerving off the highway onto a sidewalk. Sample said her vehicle was out of alignment and hard to steer. Dispatch checked on warrants and it turned out the Bryant Police Department had a warrant for Sample's arrest and they advised they would come to Camden and pick her up.