07/21/17  Fordyce Police Blotter


According to Fordyce Police Chief Jimmy Vaughn, Fordyce Police officers  made a total of 10 arrests between July 10 and July 17.

July 12,  officer Bryce McKinney cited Kirby Walker of Fordyce for driving on a suspended license.

July 13, McKinney arrested Janice Green of Fordyce for writing a hot check.

Bench warrants were issued by District Court Judge Ronnie Phillips for the arrest of several people who failed to show up in court those warrants were issued for:

Royce Alexander Cranford of Carthage for failure to pay fines.

July 14, officer Chad Hubanks cited Rose Ann Golden of New Edinburg with harassing communications on the telephone.

Hubanks issued a ticket to Nadine Manning of Fordyce for not cleaning up her property.

Roy Clark of Grapevine for failure to appear..Jessica Elaine Erwin of Fordyce for failure to appear, Marcus Livingston of White Hall, failure to appear, Patrice W. Bell of Little Rock and Alindria D. White of Benton, both for failure to appear.