07/20/17  Sparkman Man Charged With Terroristic Act


Fifty eight year old Henry Alan Deaton of Sparkman has been charged by Dallas County Deputies with a terroristic act. The charge came following an incident that was reported in Dalark involving firearms.

The incident occurred on June 28.  According to a report from Chief Deputy Josh McMullen dispatch advised that a female subject was in a driveway of a residence where she was being held at gunpoint. It was also reported that a shot from a gun had also been deployed at the females vehicle. Investigator Keith Axsom and Sparkman Chief Mitch Johnson were asked to assist.

The shooter, identified as Henry Deaton was immediately taken into custody and handcuffed. Deaton's weapons, a shotgun and a handgun were taken from his vehicle parked behind one driven by Teresa Pollock of Texarkana, Texas. She was not being cooperative with deputy Jacob Cain, speaking in a loud voice and calling him a dirty cop and said all Dallas county deputies were dirty. She said she wasn't getting out of her vehicle until the State Police arrived. McMullen told her the state police weren't involved and if she didn't get out of her vehicle, he would take her out by force. She then got out of the vehicle and told McMullen she had a handgun behind the seat on the passengers side.

The confrontation started when Pollock came to see the father of her child Daniel Ferdelman. Pollock had been asked to leave. Ferdelman was afraid of what she might do and called his dad Henry Deaton. He ended up shooting a tire out on Pollock's vehicle as she backed up, thinking she was trying to run over him. Pollock was told to leave the property and not return. Deaton was booked for committing a terroristic act.