07/20/17  Dallas County Criminal Investigators Busy


Dallas County criminal investigators have several break-ins and thefts under investigation. On July 1, Daryl Williams who resides at 2820 Barner Street in Fordyce reported that his 2017,  5 by 10 Dakota Utility trailer had been stolen. Williams told Dallas County Deputy Todd Cartwright his neighbor had borrowed the trailer June 30, to move his lawnmower. The neighbor, Mark Jones said he had hooked the trailer to the back of his truck in his driveway and padlocked the ball of his truck. On July 1,  when Jones checked on the trailer, the trailer was gone. Someone had removed the pin that holds the receiver hitch and took it too.

Williams reported another incident July 5. Deputies Jim Johnson and Bill Rogers were dispatched to the Williams' home. Williams and his wife said while they were away on July 4, someone broke into their home and took a PlayStation game and some ammo for two different types of guns. The suspect disconnected wires in the carport disabling their water system. Williams told the deputies who he thought was responsible for the theft.

On July 8, Dallas County deputies were called back to the Williams residence. Williams reported that while he was gone on July 9, someone came onto his property on Barner Street and stole two deer stands from his backyard. Williams named a suspect. An investigation continues into the thefts.

On July 1, Jimmy Thompson of 2542 Highway 273 at Fordyce reported some items had been taken from his home. Thompson said there was no break in but a spare key from outside was missing. Thompson told investigator Keith Axsom when he and his grandson returned from church his grandson noticed his Xbox 360 was missing from his room along with some Jordan shoes and a head set. Thompson said a handgun from his night stand was also taken. There is a person of interest in the case.

On June 30, Dallas County deputy Jim Johnson talked to Sharod Ricks of Carthage who reported his 2015 side-by-side had been stolen. On the same day the Grant County Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to Grant county road 14 where a side-by-side was found abandoned in a creek near a bridge. It turned out to be Ricks'. At this time a suspect has not been determined.

We talked to Dallas County Sheriff Stan McGahee about the rash of thefts and break-ins, he blamed drugs.