07/19/17  4 Camden Teens Charged With Burglary


Four teenagers from the Camden area have been charged in circuit court in Camden with four counts of residential burglary, five counts of theft of property of firearms and one other theft of property charge. 18 year old Tyreece Henry and 18 year old Keno Bowen of Camden will be charged as adults in the case and two other youths will be charged as juveniles. One of the youths told investigators he waited in the car while the other three youths broke into four separate residences in the Harmony Grove and East Camden neighborhoods. According to the court records, the youths would check and see if there was a vehicle at home, if not they'd kick in the door to make access to the house and take whatever they could get their hands on, including firearms, TV's, gaming systems and sound bars. The break ins took place on June 3. Deputy prosecutor Phillip A. Stone filed the charges in circuit court.

Stone also filed charges in circuit court against 52 year old David Scott Gibbs of Camden for aggravated assault on a family member..domestic battery and interference with emergency communications. Gibbs is charged with causing injury to his wife that made it necessary for her to have hip replacement surgery. The incident occurred May 16,  when Gibbs refused to let his wife go to town for groceries. When Gibbs began to drive away from the house, his wife jumped into the back on the truck thinking she could get into town. This angered Gibbs and he drove into a bumpy field trying to get his wife to fall off the truck..even driving under trees in an attempt to brush her off the truck. Finally she jumped off the truck injuring herself. Gibbs took her back to the house and refused to get her medical attention..even taking her cell phone and leaving her along. A sister in law finally assisted her and took her to a Hot Springs hospital for medical attention.