07/13/17  Fordyce School District Will Pick Up Tab For School Supplies


Good news for parents in the Fordyce School District. The district will supply all the school supplies needed in the class room this year, parents won't have to buy anything. That was the report from Fordyce Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Albert Snow, appearing on KQ-102.3's "South Arkansas Today" program on Tuesday.

In other news..Snow said the board hired three new teachers, Brianna Moix, who will be music teacher, Connie Skinner, Special Education and, Jennifer Rogers, East Teacher. Snow covered a wide range of topics during his on-air appearance, including addressing the district's policy concerning cell phones in school.

It won't be long and the school bell will be ringing again, the first day of school in Fordyce is August 14. First day for teachers is August 7.