07/12/17  Camden Police Report


On July 7, Camden Police arrested 33 year old Ulysses Eugene Carroll of Camden and charged him with DWI, his 3rd offense, driving on a suspended license, careless and prohibited driving and refusal to submit to a blood alcohol test. Carroll was arrested as he left the Valero Station on California and pulled in front of another vehicle, drove down the center of the road next to the other vehicle, finally applying his brakes and getting behind it. Sgt Jimmy Plyler initiated a traffic stop and knew that Carroll's drivers license had been suspended and he had a warrant out on him for failure to appear. Plyler observed that Carroll was in an inebriated state and placed him under arrest and charged him. He's to appear in court on September 20.

Camden police arrested 33 year old Akeem Chemon Avery of Camden on July 5 and held him for warrants from other police agencies. Upon investigation police learned that Avery had warrants out for his arrest with the Camden PD, Ouachita County Sheriff's office and Calhoun County Sheriff's office. Avery was found hiding inside a small storage room attached to the back of a Camden residence. He was given a court date of August 8 for Calhoun County.