06/28/17  Bearden District Court


District Judge Dan Ives held court in Bearden on June 15, at city council chambers at Bearden City Hall. One of the actions taken as the result of the court proceedings was an order date June 15 mailed to the Department of Finance and Administration, drivers control division, advising them of the suspension of driving privileges for a number of drivers. .

Brian Ballance of Kingsland was arrested in December of last year and charged with driving on a suspended license. Ballance did not appear in court on June 15 and the judge levied $195.00 in fines against Ballance and suspended his license.

Driving privileges were also taken from Nifty Green of Camden for failure to appear, driving on a suspended license and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Dwight Neeley of Bearden had his license suspended for failure to appear and Crystal Taylor of Bearden lost her driving privileges for failure to appear.

The case of Amanda Foust of Camden was reset for July 20 at the request of her attorney. Foust was to appear on charges of 2nd offense of theft of property and failure to appear.

On January 4, Kineshia Hartley of Bearden was identified on video at The Corner Store in Bearden, stealing donations belonging to a volunteer organization. The donations jar was on the counter at the The Corner. Harley was charged with theft of property which amounted to about $45.00. She was fined a total of $530.00 and ordered to make restitution. 

Annie Horn of Bearden was found guilty of possession of drug paraphernalia and fined $540.00. She paid $50.00 day of court and must pay balance by July 20. She was also fined $265.00 on failure to appear charge.

Donald Lawson of Bearden owes the city $4,143.00 in fines. He appeared in court on a charge of failure to pay. He was ordered to pay $50.00 the day of court and $50.00 a month until fines are paid. Lawson was also charged with driving on a suspended license and fined $195.00 drinking in public, $265.00 fines and court costs, which he pled not guilty to. His court date will be July 20.

54 year old Phillip McDaniel of Bearden is to appear in District Court on January

18th, 2018 to answer to a number of charges including a time pay balance of

3885...two charges of theft of property and two charges of criminal trespass.

Tina Sample of Sparkman, charged with carless and prohibited driving wa

ordered to pay 50 dollars day of court and the balance by July 3rd.

Kristin Wesley of Bearden failed to appear in court on theft of property charges.

Judge Ives set bond at one thousand dollars and reset her trial for July 20th.