06/28/17  Latest Arkansas Highway Death Reported Yesterday


229 people have died on Arkansas' roadways since January 1. The latest death was recorded yesterday in Pulaski County. According to a State Police report, 49 year old Steven Randall Pruitt of Perryville died in a one car crash on I-630, in the eastbound lane at John Barrow Road.

Pruitt's 2006 Honda drifted to the right and sideswiped the east end of the guard rail, then traveled off the roadway about 130 feet and collided with several trees. The vehicle then rolled onto its right side. Pruitt died at the scene. The body was taken to the crime lab for examination. The weather was clear, roadway dry at the time of the crash at 6:13 yesterday morning. Corporal Cleary L. Chapman of the State Police investigated.