06/23/17  Dallas County Circuit Court


It was plea and arraignment day yesterday in Dallas County Circuit Court. Willie Lee Harris, charged with 1st degree domestic battery, was sentence to 10 years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections and given 380 days of credit for time already served.

Jewel Spencer, charged with two counts of residential burglary, two counts of theft of property, possession of a controlled substance, fleeing and possession of a firearm by a certain person, plead guilty to all charges, except for the controlled substance charge which was nol prossed.  Spencer has four previous felonies on his record. He as ordered to make restitution in the amount of $3,500.00 and was sentenced to 7 years in the department of community correction and given credit for 117 days served.

James Hall, charged with rape and failure to comply with registration and reporting by a sex offender and a habitual offender charge. The habitual offender count was nol prossed. The rape charge was amended to sexual assault in the 2nd degree. Hall was sentence to 10 years in the department of correction on the sexual assault charge, he was given 394 days credit for time already served.