06/22/17  Woodlawn School Superintendent Hopes For Waiver From Act 1240


The Woodlawn School District hopes to join the 13 other districts in the S.E. Arkansas Educational Cooperative by receiving a waiver through Act 1240 that will give the district greater flexibility regarding teacher certifications.

Woodlawn Superintendent Dudley Hume called a special meeting of the Woodlawn School Board at 6:30 this evening. He'll be presenting a resolution to the school board that will allow him to apply for Act 1240 waivers before the Arkansas Board of Education. Hume is scheduled to go before the board on July 13. Woodlawn is the only district in the 14 district S.E. Arkansas Educational Coop that does not have the waivers.

The act, approved in 2015, allows for teacher certification waivers if the school district has any students enrolled in the Arkansas Virtual Academy. The Virtual Academy is an online charter school providing instruction on a wide range of subjects. Last year, the teacher shortage became such a crisis that the 13 other school districts in the S.E. Arkansas Coop, including neighboring Cleveland County School District, applied for and were granted the Act 1240 waivers by the state.

In a related story, Woodlawn Superintendent Hume told the Woodlawn School Board meeting on Monday night that Woodlawn School District is no longer on probation after the Arkansas Department of Education approved an appeal by Hume. Last month, Hume informed the board the district had been placed on a one year probation due to lack of a half-time elementary school librarian and the use of three uncertified teachers. Hume told the board Woodlawn would not have been placed on probation if it had an Act 1240 waiver like all the other districts in the S.E. Arkansas Educational Coop.