06/21/17  Judge Jimmy Jones  And Sheriff Stan McGahee To Attend Marijuana Meeting


Dallas County Sheriff Stan McGahee and County Judge Jimmy Jones will be attending a meeting in Little Rock being held to help educate county Sheriff's departments and county officials on the new laws pertaining to marijuana dispensaries. Sheriff McGahee Talked about the meeting.

 McGahee went on to explain how he felt about marijuana dispensaries in Dallas County.

McGahee says its real important all the counties in the state are on the same page when it comes to enforcement of the law.

On another subject, Sheriff McGahee introduced Marty Brazell to the JP'S at last night's Quorum Court meeting. Brazell is a retired jail administrator from Miller County and is now a consultant with Southern Health Partners, a health service for correctional facilities.

Also at the meeting, Ken Sanders, administrator for the Dallas county Medical Center,  said he had some good news to report. He said he had signed another doctor to go to work at the hospital.

Sanders said an open house will be scheduled next month so everyone throughout the county can meet Dr. Petty and his wife.

Sanders reported some security problems that they've been having at the hospital. He says he's working with Sheriff McGahee and Police Chief, Jimmy Vaughn on a security plan for the facility. Sanders said the main problem concerns patients wanting prescriptions filled in the ER for opioids.

In other Hospital news, Sanders said the hospital has begun a health program for its employees which has been well received.

In other quorum court news, County Treasurer Leslie Nutt had another positive report on finances for the county.

Sheriff Stan McGahee's May report was on the plus side as well.