06/15/17  Fordyce City Council Report


At the Fordyce City Council meeting Tuesday night..there was discussion of writing an ordinance pertaining to LeadsOnline reporting. LeadsOnline is a technology service helping law enforcement catch criminals, while helping businesses reduce the hassles of reporting. Mayor John MacNichol pointed out to the council, at present only salvage yards are required to report to LeadsOnline. He said it should be uniform for everyone. The council will consider the proposal at the July meeting.

The council approved a bid for All State roofing for $3,300.00 to repair the roof on the armory. The roof will be repaired and covered with an aluminum coating. The job includes clean up also.

The council also passed a memorandum of understanding with the women's crisis center of South Arkansas. The memorandum states that each agency represented, which includes the Dallas County Sheriff's Department and Fordyce Police Department, agree to uphold all roles and responsibilities, to investigate each case of domestic or sexual violence and present evidence to the prosecutor's office, agree to arrest all offenders charged with domestic or sexual violence crimes against victims, assist the victim in trials for prosecution, provide to the victim services and contact information of the Women's Crisis center..and stay informed on all current statistics and statutes regarding domestic and sexual violence..

The memorandum will be signed by Tom Wynne, deputy prosecuting attorney, Elizabeth Wesley of the Women's Crisis Center of South Arkansas, Fordyce Police Chief Jimmy Vaughn and Dallas County Sheriff Stan McGahee.