06/12/17  Trash Talk At Cleveland County Quorum Court


At the Cleveland County Quorum Court meeting last week, officials with Get Rid of It, the county's solid waste contractor, presented new household numbers to the Quorum court but County Judge Gary Spears said he will conduct his own count in hopes of bringing the ongoing dispute between the two parties to a conclusion.

Get Rid of It controller Scott Hafer and company president Glen Thweatt both attended the meeting to present fresh figures regarding the number of households that are being serviced in the county. The figure has been a point of contention between the county and Get Rid of It since their latest contract began about five years ago.

The difference between Get Rid of It's figures and Judge Spears' figures is 139 households which adds up to more than $22,000.00 a year in solid waste fees. The court did not vote on the issue.