06/07/17  Dallas County Circuit Court


43 year old Valorie Mechelle Langley of Fordyce has had two different cases filed against her in Dallas county Circuit Court by deputy prosecutor Tom Wynne. On April 8, Langley is alleged to have taken a wallet belonging to Odell Caldwell of Fordyce containing $1,400.00 in cash, a drivers license and debit card. She faces robbery charges in that incident.  On April 19, Langley was charged with criminal mischief. According to a police report, Langley was in the police department patrol room, became upset when she saw her ride leaving. took her knee brace off and throwing it against a plate glass window, breaking it.

33 year old William Christopher Wilkerson of Benton has been charged in Dallas County Circuit court with residential burglary. Wilkerson is charged in the March 30, break-in at the home of Robert Bryant on 167north near Fordyce.

22 year old Webster Brown of Fordyce is charged in circuit court in connection with an incident that occurred on April 18. Following a traffic stop, Brown was charged with possession of a controlled substance with the purpose to deliver. 45 year old Williams Knight III of Fordyce was also charged in the same incident on the same charges.

35 year old Eugene Autry McClure of Sparkman on April 19,  was charged with possession of a controlled substance, meth or cocaine, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Deputy prosecutor Tom Wynne will try McClure under the habitual criminal statute, which allows for additional jail time.