06/07/17  Camden Police Report


On May 31, Camden police were called to Wal-Mart on a report of an individual with a handgun sitting on the benches in front of the store. Upon investigation, Sgt. Jimmy Plyler observed another police officer talking with a man identified as 20 year old Kash Ray Amidan of Camden. Kash was holding a handgun while sitting on the bench. The gun was taken from him and found to be a replica BB gun. Kash stated he was diagnosed schizophrenic and bi-polar. He stated he purchased the gun from Wal-Mart and was trying to put it together. He claimed not to know it's unlawful to possess a bb gun in the city limits. A large hand held saw blade was removed from Kash's waist band. Kash said he had some other property located near the gardening center. Police  retrieved a backpack and skateboard as well as a knife blade missing a handle. The blade was over 5 inches and when Kash was asked why he had it he said it was for protection. Police verified that the BB gun was legally purchased in the store. While conducting the investigation, a woman pulled up in a car with a young boy. She stated Kash had approached her child and began asking him about guns and which ones he thought could kill the most people. The child reported the incident to his mother.  Wal-Mart chose to ban Kash from the property. He was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct and carrying a prohibited weapon. He's to appear in court July 19. He was then released.

Another incident at Wal-Mart was investigated by Camden Police on June 1. Sonya Kay Goley of Camden, who's on Wal-Mart's ban list was on the parking lot. Officer Jamario Bush attempted to place Goley under arrest and she resisted arrest. Bush had to put Goley on the ground in order to hand-cuff her. Goley was then transported to the police station without incident and was charged with criminal trespass and refusal to submit. She was then released.

On June 1,  27 year old Annie Stafford of Hampton was charged with shoplifting at Wal-Mart. A loss prevention officer reported to police he observed Stafford conceal items in her purse. Items recovered from her purse amounted to just over $25.00 in value.

On June 3,  Camden police officer Matthew Walker was dispatched to 261 Harrison Avenue in Camden on a theft report. The owner of the property, William Hardaway told Walker he believed that Jessica Doherty had been taking money from them but couldn't prove it. Hardaway said he'd had enough and nicely asked Doherty to leave his residence, but she refused to leave saying she  didn't have anywhere else to go. Officer Walker detected the odor of intoxicants coming from Doherty and asked her if she had someone who could come and pick her up. She said she didn't have anywhere else to go and was going to stay under a bridge. Doherty was taken into custody and taken to the Ouachita County Detention Center for a 24 hour hold, after that she was charged with criminal trespass and given a court date of July 19.

On June 3, Camden police officer Andrew Tollefson was on patrol in the area of U.S. Highway 278 at the U.S. Highway 79 south off ramp. He observed a Mercedes-Benz traveling east on 278, approaching the off ram to 79 and the vehicle slowed to a point it was almost stopped in the entrance to the off ramp. The vehicle then accelerated to the intersection of the off ramp and 79 south where it proceeded through the intersection, ignoring a red traffic signal. While going through the intersection, it was almost struck by another vehicle. Tollefson conducted a traffic stop in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Tollefson noticed the windshield on the drivers side was bulging out with what appeared to be hair stuck in the cracks. He then saw blood all over the steering wheel and dash. When he was able to see the driver, identified as 69 year old Kenneth Harper of Benton, he noticed Harper's face had lacerations all over and was covered with blood. He also had deep cuts on his right hand. EMS was dispatched to the scene. While speaking with Harper, officer Tollefson could smell a strong odor of intoxicants. Harper told the officer he had hit something under an overpass but could not give the exact location. Harper also believed he was still in Benton and it was the year 1985. Harper submitted to a blood alcohol test that showed point-12 blood alcohol content. A check on Harper indicated that his license had been suspended on DWI. Harper was transported to Ouachita County Medical Center for treatment. He was charged with driving on a suspended license, DWI, running a red light and not wearing a seat belt. He's to appear in District court on August 2.