05/26/17  Many Cleveland County Residents Without Internet 1st Part Of Week


Roughly 400 residents and businesses in Cleveland County spent the first of the week without internet service due to a loss in connection this past Saturday. According to Bruce Grubb, local technician for ARK-O/Cleveland County Telephone Company, one of the company's fiber cable lines contracted through Verizon that connects into Windstream and then to Cleveland county, was washed out in the Saline River near Benton.

According to a Cleveland county Herald report, service to Cleveland County was restored around 2pm on Tuesday. Verizon was able to string a 6 thousand foot fiber cable along I-30 in Benton to cross the river. Grubb said the delay was caused by Verizon needing to obtain permits to run the temporary line.

David Hovland, network administrator for ARK-O said it's just a temporary fix.. noting permanent repairs will be made to the line in the near future. He said the repairs would take place between the hours of midnight and 5am to avoid inconveniencing any customers.