05/26/17  Fordyce Police Catch Burglar in The Act


39 year old Kathryn Reed and 40 year old Carlos Robinson, both of 1126 Lincoln Street in Fordyce have been charged with residential burglary following an incident on May 16,  at 224 Barner Street.

According to a Fordyce Police, Kendyl Lyons called the police department reporting that someone had broken into her house. When officers arrived they had to climb over a fence because a gate to the property was locked. Officer Charles Still saw Kathryn Reed in the house. After she was placed under arrest by officer Paul Sims, Reed stated she and Robinson made entrance into the house to take a shower and she thought it would be alright because it was her cousin's house. The kitchen window was pushed into the kitchen and entry was made to the house by the window.

Robinson had gotten away before he could be taken into custody. Reed was taken to the Ouachita County Detention Center where she'll be held until her appearance in court. A warrant was issued for Robinson's arrest.on of Sherwood, failure to appear.