05/24/17  Ouachita County Circuit Court


A 36 year old Camden man has been charged in circuit court in Ouachita County with aggravated assault and 3rd degree battery. The charges were filed against Lawrence R. Ingels on May 15 by deputy prosecutor R. Jeffrey Sawyer. Ingels is charged with assaulting Lane Meyers of Camden with a baseball bat after the two got into an altercation over a woman Ingels used to date and Meyers was seeing. According to the report, Meyers was able to defend himself against the onslaught by Ingels and suffered only minor injury. The report filed in court indicated that Ingels was out of jail on bond for two counts of aggravated assault on the same woman the two had the fight over.

On May 19, deputy prosecutor Sawyer filed criminal charges against 31 year old Justin Anthony Shutes of El Dorado. Shutes is charged with three counts of kidnapping, three counts of aggravated robbery, three counts of aggravated assault and 2nd degree battery. The charges are the result of an incident that occurred February 24.  According to a police report, Camden police were called to the Ouachita county Sheriff's office on a robbery report, when officers responded, Amber Henry reported she and her boyfriend, Justin Anthony Shutes and her two sons stopped at the Shell station at Topper Hill to get some refreshments. After the initial purchase, Shutes pulled a knife and put it to Henry's throat, ordering her to withdraw money from an ATM or he would kill her kids. Henry complied and withdrew $137.00. Shutes was not satisfied. He then forced her to drive to 1st Bank on Washington. During the commute Henry told Shutes to put the knife away. Shutes is alleged to have grabbed her hand, placed it on the dash and cut her, stating he was going to gut her like a fish and kill her. She said he also tried to strangle her while she drove. At 1st Bank another $105.00 was withdrawn. Shutes then forced Henry to a bank drive thru near Brookshire's where another $205.00 was withdrawn. Shutes is alleged to have forced Henry to make another 5 withdrawals from other banks outside Camden before she was finally able to get away from him. The report doesn't say how or when Shutes was apprehended but he appeared in court before a judge on April 24, and posted $100,000.00 bond and was released. His case was bound over to circuit court.