05/22/17  Calhoun County Woman Pleads Guilty In Childs Washing Machine Death


A Calhoun County woman has entered a guilty plea in the washing machine death of her daughter and will serve five years probation.  25 year old Brooke Haney of Hampton entered the plea on two counts of first degree endangerment of a minor child related to two incidents.

According to records filed April 20,  in Calhoun County Circuit Court, Haney received 60 months of probation for each Class D felony count with the sentences to run concurrently. According to a Hampton Police report, Haney told investigators on October 25, 2015, that she had taken a nap about noon with her 3 year old daughter Alexis, and Brooklyn, then 10 months old.

She awoke to find that Alexis was not in the bedroom, prompting her to search the house. Haney and a neighbor later found Alexis inside a washing machine. The girl suffered scalding and thermal injuries after the lid on the washer was closed and caused a preset cycle to start. Alexis was pronounced dead about an hour later at a hospital in El Dorado.

One of Haney's three daughters, whose name was not revealed, told police she and Alexis were routinely asked to help with laundry . At times that meant one of them would climb into the washing machine to get clothes and place them in the dryer.

The second child endangerment charge against Haney stemmed from an incident in which Haney was pulled over by police after demonstrating behavior  indicative of someone unfit to drive. He infant daughter, then 7 months in the back seat.