05/18/17  Ouachita County Circuit Court


58 year old Frederick Johnson of Camden has had 5 felony charges filed against him in Ouachita County Circuit court. According to court files, deputy prosecuting attorney Phillip A. Stone filed the charges against Johnson on May 8. On April 4, Camden police served a warrant at a residence at 2224 Macon, occupied by Johnson. A search of the residence revealed a zipper bag containing individual baggies containing meth and crack cocaine for individual sales. Police also found scales and plastic straws with meth residue. Numerous small baggies commonly used in the sale of narcotics was also found. The residence sits about 500 feet from a Baptist Church. Johnson turned himself in at the Camden police station. He was charged with possession of cocaine with the purpose to deliver, possession of meth with the purpose to deliver, keeping premises from which to sell drugs near a church, possession of drug paraphernalia. Johnson told investigators all the drugs in the house belonged to him and that he's been selling drugs since his release from prison in January of this year.

May 9, deputy prosecuting attorney R. Jeffrey Sawyer filed charges against 22 year old Chunston D. Rance of Camden. On April 10, Camden police charged Rance with false imprisonment,  aggravated assault of a family or household member, terrorist threatening and 3rd degree battery. Following an argument Rance is alleged to have gone ballistic when the mother of his child was allegedly seeing another man. According to the report, when the woman left Rance's residence he followed her in another vehicle and rammed her car, getting into her car and driving down to the river, chocking her, threatening to throw her into the river and finally making her get into the trunk of the car. He then drove back to the apartment complex. The woman was able to get out of the trunk and get help. Rance has been charged in Ouachita County Circuit Court.

58 year old George R. Berry of Camden has been charged in circuit court with three counts of forgery. According to information filed in court on May 15 by deputy prosecutor R. Jeffrey Sawyer, the owner of Charlie's Liquor on South Adams in Camden reported that Berry passed three checks in his store that turned out to be stolen from Raymond Sams whom Berry used to work for. Berry claimed someone gave him the checks, by someone he refused to identify.

May 15, deputy prosecutor R. Jeffrey Sawyer filed charges in circuit court against 36 year old Lawrence R. Ingels of Camden. According to information filed in court, on April 9, Ingels was charged by Camden police with aggravated assault and battery. The report states that Ingels allegedly got angry with Lane Myers over a woman and took a baseball bat after Myers. Myers was able to mostly deflect the blows from the bat but still suffered minor injuries. Police found the baseball bat at Ingels residence and charged him. Ingels has a domestic battery charge on his record dating back to 2015, an assault on a family member.