05/17/17  Sparkman Man Arrested After Run In With Entergy


A Sparkman man became upset when an Entergy employee came to his residence and was going to disconnect his electricity. On May 4,  Dallas County Deputy Ryan Coleman got a call stating there was a disturbance at 820 Dallas 205.

According to the report, 64 year old James Ronald O'Neal was threatening to fight the Entergy employee and chased him with a three foot cross. O'Neal was going through his bills, claiming he had paid the bill. While O'Neal and Ryan talked the electricity to the home was shut off. O'Neal became irate and threatened Ryan, telling the deputy ”just take me to jail” and “why don't you just shoot me”. O'Neal lunged for Ryan's gun. Ryan subdued him and placed him under arrest.

O'Neal then faked a seizure, was taken to Dallas County Medical Center where a doctor gave him a clean bill of health. He was then taken to the Dallas County Sheriff's office and charged with 2nd degree assault, resisting arrest and 2nd degree battery.