05/08/17  Kingsland Fire Department Switching To Cell Phone Alert System


Kingsland Mayor, Charles Crain, told Kingsland City council members at their meeting last Thursday that the Kingsland Fire Department will soon be transitioning to a cell phone based system to alert firefighters. Mayor Crain said Kingsland Fire Chief Nick Bennett told him that the fire department will be online with dispatches beginning this month.

Traditionally, volunteer fire departments have relied on alert radios or pagers to notify volunteer firefighters of a fire or other emergency. The radios and  pagers can cost thousands of dollars and require special programming to get them to work properly.

Edispatches is a company that provides alert systems that operate through personal cell phones, eliminating the need to invest in individual radios and pagers for each fire fighter. The service is provided for a monthly fee. The Kingsland City council meets the 4th Thursday of each month.