05/04/17  Dispute Continues Over Cleveland County Waste


Cleveland County Judge Gary Spears says he won't deposit a $17,500.00 check for fuel reimbursement from the county's solid waste contractor Get Rid of It,  until a dispute over the number of households being serviced by the contractor is issued.

Cleveland County and Get Rid of It are in the middle of a 10 year service contract that began in January 2013. Spears has refused to sign the check to the contractor because of a dispute involving the number of households being served by the company. Spears told the Cleveland County Herald in an interview, as far as he's concerned the county doesn't have a contract.

Spears said he discovered a difference of what he estimated to be about 130 households shortly after the contract began. He said he based that figure on review on the number of households Get Rid Of It said it was servicing along certain roads. Spears said he knew there weren't that many houses along those roads and he said he couldn't in good conscience sign a contract that he knows is not right for the county. With an average rate of nearly $14.00 a household, those 130 households represent a difference of about $1,800.00 a month in service fees.

At the Quorum court meeting Monday night, JP's heard presentations from two solid waste contractors, Big Smith waste Management of Star City and Get Rid of It in El Dorado. The court voted to table the issue until next month's meeting. .