05/04/17  41 Year Old Cleveland County Man Guilty Of Sexual Assault Of Minor


A Cleveland County Jury has found 41 year old Jason McDaniel of the Randall Community guilty of one count of sexual assault of a minor.  The conviction came last Thursday in the third day of the trial before Circuit Judge David Talley at the Cleveland County Courthouse in Rison.

McDaniel was sentenced to the maximum sentence of 30 years in the Arkansas Department of Correction.

McDaniel maintained his innocence throughout the trial. He was represented by Greg Robinson of Pine Bluff. Cleveland County Deputy Prosecutor Tom Wynne and 13th Judicial District Prosecutor David Butler tried the case for the state.

McDaniel was charged with sexual assault for having a sexual relationship with a girl who was 14 at the time. McDaniel was 39 and had four sexual encounters with the girl from early June to late July 2015.