05/03/17  Dallas County Sheriff's Report


A 35 year old Sparkman man was arrested on April 19,  by Dallas County Deputy Ryan Coleman following an incident at a Sparkman residence. Coleman says in his report that Eugene A. McClure of Sparkman was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of meth or cocaine, 3rd degree endangerment of a minor and public intoxication. When a complaint was called in Coleman went to the McClure residence and found McClure and another man inside an SUV outside the home with two children inside.

The passenger, identified as McClure had an open container and was very nervous and anxious. When asked if he had any weapons, drugs or identification, McClure said he had a pocket knife but no drugs. When Coleman ran McClure's ID he discovered that McClure had a warrant out of Arkadelphia. When McClure took a breathalyzer test, the results came back .4.

Coleman then removed the two children from the vehicle and told them to leave their bags. Coleman then asked the driver, Floyd Husbands if there was anything illegal in the car..Husbands said no.  After searching the vehicle, a search inside one of the bags of one of the kids revealed a small black box containing two syringes, one clear bag containing crystal meth and assorted jewelry. McClure said the syringes belonged to him but the meth did not. After being charged, McClure was transported to the Dallas County Detention Center.

Saturday, April 29, Dallas County Deputy Cody Stell was dispatched to O.C. Hunting Club on Highway 9 at Princeton to take a theft and vandalism report. When Stell arrived, Ben Purtle of Carthage alleged that Danny Butler of Mablevale, Arkansas had taken a commercial ice machine that was inside a building along with a window air conditioner. Purtle told the Dallas County dispatcher that Butler admitted taking the ice machine. A propane tank was also missing and Purtle said his crossbow, arrows and popup blind were also taken.