05/03/17  Dallas County Circuit Court


A number of criminal cases have been filed in Dallas County Circuit Court by Deputy Prosecutor Tom Wynne of Fordyce. On April 28. Wynne filed forgery charges against 41 year old William Hamilton of Fordyce. According to information filed in court, Hamilton was trying to pass a fake five dollar bill at Bailey's Game Room. Shirley Smith, the attendant at the game room became suspicious of the feel of the bill and checked the bill with her counterfeit detection device and it came up counterfeit. When Smith confronted Hamilton he said the bill came from the bank and then stated he had to get back to work and ran out of the business. He was later apprehended and charged. He appeared in Judge Ronnie Phillips' court on March 29 and his case was remanded over to circuit court for trial.

On April 28, Deputy Prosecutor Wynne charged 29 year old Ashley Nicole Conner of Kingsland with the theft of a car. On January 25, Conner is alleged to have taken a 1997 Buick LeSabre belonging to Brooke J. Vaughn of Fordyce. Conner is slated to appear in circuit court in Fordyce on May 17,  to be tried on the charge.

May 1,  in Circuit Court in Fordyce, 42 year old Tyrone Harris of Fordyce was charged with aggravated assault. The charges were filed following an incident that occurred on March 23,  at Hempco Auto Detail on west 4th in Fordyce. Fordyce police got a call of a robbery in progress and that the suspect was fighting the owner and tearing up the business. Upon investigation, police found Angelo Hempstead, the owner of the business, holding down Tyrone Harris on the floor with Harris bleeding from a head wound. Witnesses told police Harris came to the business demanding money owed him by Hempstead. When Hempstead ordered Harris to leave Harris became violent, throwing a vase at Hampstead and striking him in the chest with a large metal pan. Harris said he was going to go behind the counter and get the money. At that time Hempstead picked up a scale and struck Harris in the back of the head. Harris went down and Hempstead held him there till police arrived. Harris was treated and released from the hospital for the head wound and was arrested and taken to jail.

 Also on May 1, 43 year old Robert Harrison Bryant of 167 north, Fordyce was charged with two counts of failure to appear in court and two counts of theft by receiving. January 18, Bryant failed to appear in court on breaking and entering charges, theft of property and possession of drug paraphernalia and a bench warrant was sworn out for his arrest.  January 27, Dallas County Deputy Keith Axsom went to Bryant's address with warrants for Bryant's arrest. The door to the house was open. Inside, deputies found numerous firearms, one of which was reported stolen in Pulaski county and behind the house a Honda Accord, also reported stolen in Pulaski county. Bryant is to appear in circuit court on May 17 on the charges. In a related case, 46 year old Randall Otis Rogers of Carthage was charged by Deputy prosecutor Wynne with residential burglary and theft of property for breaking into Bryant's house. Those charges were filed against him on April 3. He's to be tried under the habitual criminal statute that allows for additional jail time. His case is scheduled in circuit court on June 21.