04/19/17  Dallas County Quorum Court


The Dallas County Quorum court met in regular session last night at the Dallas County Courthouse. On hand for last night's meeting was David Crawford with U.S. Next, a website development firm based in Jackson, Mississippi. He showed the judge and JP's a proposal of a website for the county. Crawford said the setup fee would be $1,450.00 and the monthly charge would be $189.00 with no contract. The judge said the county would take his proposal under consideration.

The county officers made their report to the Court last night, beginning with County Treasurer, Leslie Nutt.

Dallas County Sheriff Stan McGahee gave his March report.

McGahee also reported his office had made a record number of felony arrests this past year.

Dallas County Medical Center administrator Ken Sanders had another good financial report for the JP's.

The court passed a couple ordinances pertaining to cleaning up various items in the 2016 budget. Another ordinance passed by the court designates Sheriff McGahee to be primarily responsible for the collection of fines assessed in Dallas County Circuit Court.