04/13/17  Dallas County Sheriff's Report


March 10, Dallas County deputy Keith Axsom went to serve an active warrant on 43 year old Robert H. Bryant at his residence off 167 north near Fordyce. At a deer camp behind Bryant's residence, Axsom encountered 23 year old Jourdan Dyer of Little Rock and 36 year old William Christopher Clark of Little Rock. Dyer was sitting in a pickup truck. After identifying Dyer and Clark, Deputy Ryan Coleman arrived on the scene and asked Clark if he could search his back pack for any illegal items, Clark agreed. During the search of the back pack, several items were found for use of illegal drugs. Dyer was then asked if her purse could be searched, she agreed. Several glass pipes were found and baggies containing suspected meth. Dyer also handed over two pipes she had hidden in her clothing. During the search multiple guns, drug paraphernalia and drugs were found. Dyer and Clark were placed into custody and transported to jail. They were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of cocaine or meth., possession of a firearm by certain persons, simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms and possession of a narcotic.

March 13, Dallas County deputy Dimitri Williams was called to Idaho Timber at Carthage on a vandalism report. Company boss Kevin Reamer stated someone had ripped the cover off a panel and poured water on electric wires. The panel cover was not recovered. Reamer named two suspects and provided pictures of the damaged equipment. The incident remains under investigation.

March 14, Dallas County deputy Ryan Coleman was called to investigate a reported break in at Sparkman, the home of Lloyd Denton. Denton told Coleman he had chased the suspect out of the house with a gun and chased him down. Denton said the man had broken into his house and also his father's residence. Denton had a bloodied 32 year old Jose Salomon of Sparkman pinned down in a field near his father's residence when deputies arrived. Deputies noticed that Salomon had multiple cuts on his face, arms and abdomen. The wounds were incurred as Salomon broke a window and crawled through. Both homes had broken windows where Salomon had broken in. There was no report of anything taken. Salomon was charged with breaking and entering and criminal mischief.