04/12/17  Busy Night At Bearden City Council


The Bearden City Council, at their meeting Monday night took action on a number of items, including accepting the low bid for the sidewalk project downtown, between north cedar and plum streets. Kiron Browning of Franks Engineering was at the meeting to update the council members.

T&T construction is located in the Monticello area. The start date for the project is not known at this time.

Mayor Iva Lou Stoker brought the council up to date on work being done on the old depot library-museum.

Mayor Stoker told the council members considerable progress has been made in the clean up of Bearden but much more is still to be done. The Mayor said, Letters have gone out to 28 property owners so far.

Property owners who have been targeted for clean up due to unkempt property or allowing junked or unlicensed vehicles to sit on their property have 20 days from the time they receive a letter from the city to comply with the ordinance or the city will take action.

Mayor Stoker said the letters being sent out to rural water users that have more than one resident on the same water meter will be sent out on June 1.  The city had originally intended to send the letters on April 1,  but water department employees have been busy with other projects and didn't have the time to work on that project. Anyone tying into another water users meter will have 60 days from the time of receipt of the letter to get their own water meter or the water service to them will be cut off.

The Mayor says work has begun on getting bids on concrete work to be done in the installation of a Fun Park and Walking Trail at the City Park. The city has received grant money to install new playground equipment and make other improvements at the park. The Mayor said a ball field may also be added.