04/07/17  Bearden City Cleanup Ordinance Irritates Some Residence


The Bearden City Council chambers may be full Monday night when the city council meets for its regular meeting. At the March meeting the council voted for passage of an ordinance requiring the clean up of unkempt lots and removal of junked or unlicensed vehicles. Bearden Chief of Police John Ainsworth said he's had quite a few residents coming by his office complaining about the ordinance. Ainsworth said he's directed the complaints to city hall.

We asked the chief at what point he gets involved.

If the property owners or owners of vehicles do not take action to clean up their property and remove the vehicles after 20 days notice, the Chief of Police has been given authority to take action to have the ordinance enforced.

The Bearden City Council meets Monday night at 7pm at city council chambers at city hall, the meeting is open to the public.