03/29/17  Bearden Man Charged With Breaking And Entering


A 32 year old Bearden man has been charged in circuit court in Camden with breaking and entering, theft of a firearm, possession of a firearm by a felon and theft of property under $1,000.00.

On Feb 12, Austin Hall of 1287 Ouachita road 97 reported to the Ouachita County Sheriff's Department, the theft of some items from his vehicle. Hall told investigators that he had been away from his home for a few hours and when he returned, he discovered several items missing from his vehicle, including a .380 Ruger handgun, magazines for the gun, a $200.00 pair of Jordan's shoes, $400.00 in cash and a pair of headphones.

Larry Barner was arrested on March 11, wearing the headphones but denied he took them from Austin. He did admit to taking the other items. Barner was convicted of residential burglary in 2015 and placed on 60 months probation.