03/23/17  Two Fordyce Men Charged In Purse Snatching From Handicapped Woman


Fordyce Police have charged two Fordyce men in connection with a purse snatching incident that occurred February 13,  at the Mad Butcher in Fordyce. The victim was identified as 64 year old Brenda Hyde of Banks.

Hyde told investigating officer Chad Hubanks that she had her purse between her legs in a motorized cart, when a man identified as 29 year old Christopher Wade forced the purse from her. Mrs. Hyde stated she just had heart surgery and all her medicines were in the purse as well as many other things adding up to over a $1,000.00 in value. A reported accomplice in the case 28 year old Nicholas Charles Robinson of Fordyce was apprehended not far from the store and Mrs. Hyde ID'd him as an accomplice.

On March 17, officer Michael Rhodes, while on patrol encountered Wade and took him into custody. According to Rhodes' report Wade threatened him and his family while he was being transported to jail. Wade is alleged to have also threatened Adam McCollister.  Terroristic threatening was filed against both men, in addition to fleeing and theft.