03/15/17  Bearden Council Passes Ordinance Aimed At Cleaning Up City


The Bearden City Council voted unanimously for the passage of an ordinance requiring the clean up of grown up lots and removal of unsightly, unsanitary articles and the prohibition of the storage of junked or unlicensed vehicles within the city limits of Bearden.

Junked or unlicensed vehicles are defined as any vehicle placed on blocks or does not have license plates and can not be driven on the streets of Bearden. If the property owner or owners of vehicles do not take action to clean up their property and remove the vehicles after 20 days of notice the Police Chief will have the authority to take action to clean up the property.

An attempt will be made to contact anyone whose whereabouts is unknown. A lien may be placed against property that does not get cleaned up and may be enforced anytime within 18 months after the clean up work or vehicle removal has taken place. Cost of removal of any vehicles will be levied against the owner. The ordinance takes effect immediately.

In other business to come before the council Monday night, Mayor Iva Lou Stoker said it will take about $30,000.00 more,  to complete the remodel job on the library-museum in the old depot. She said about $43,000.00 has already been spent on the depot project, including the cost of moving the depot and laying a concrete slab for it to sit on.

The Mayor reminded everyone concerned that letters will be going out April 1,  to water customers who have two or more resident lines tied into one water meter. The water customers will be given 60 days to complete preparation from connecting a new meter of their own. If the work doesn't get done in the time allotted the water will be shut off.

The Mayor also announced that the city has received a $35,000.00 grant for the “walking trail”.  Major renovation is planned for city park, including new play ground equipment and possibly a ball field.