03/10/17  Renee McKelvin Appointed Interim Bearden School Superintendent


The Bearden School Board last night approved the appointment of Renee McKelvin as interim school superintendent for the remainder of the 2016-2017 school year as needed and through the 2017-2018 school year.

Her appointment was necessary due to the fact that Superintendent of Schools, Denny Rozenberg is being deployed to Kosovo. Rozenberg is a Lt. Colonel in the National Guard and will working in staff at division headquarters in Kosovo. He was deployed the last time to Afghanistan. Rozenberg has been a National Guardsman for 31 years. Rozenberg has a daughter in the military as well.

In other news from the school board meeting last night, Rozenberg told the board members about the illegal use of the school's credit card by some students. One of the students somehow got the credit card number and a number of students proceeded to order game boxes, games and various other items. The parents of the students have been notified and the Ouachita County Criminal Investigation Division is investigating.

If the theft amounts to over $1,000.00, fraud charges will more than likely be filed. Rozenberg said he will press to recover any loss the district may have suffered due to the illegal use of the credit card. All students involved are juveniles and their names cannot be revealed.