03/08/17  Fordyce Police Blotter


According to Fordyce Police Chief Jimmy Vaughn, Fordyce officers made a total of 18 arrests between February 27 and March 6. During that time period, Fordyce police officers investigated four shoplifting reports at Wal-Mart.

On February 28 officer Bryce Mckinney arrested Rebecca Bryd of Hampton for shoplifting over $100.00 of store merchandise by placing it in her purse and attempting to walk out of the store. She was taken into custody and charged and will appear in the Fordyce District Court April 13.

Officer John Cutrell on February 28 another shoplifting arrest at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart security reported that Constance Craig of Fordyce had taken items from the store that she didn't pay for including a twin pack of deodorant for men and women and a small plastic key chain. She was issued a citation for shoplifting and will appear in District court April 13.

 March 3 officer Charles Still was dispatched to Wal-Mart for a shoplifter. Security caught Angel Summerville of Junction City stealing merchandise from the store. She was given a court date of April 13.

March 5, officer John Cutrell was dispatched to Wal-Mart where loss prevention officer Jimmy Roberson stated that Misty Hamilton of Kingsland had taken some clothing and some children's medicine. She was cited for shoplifting and given a court date of April 13.

A 36 year old Fordyce woman has been charged with terroristic threatening in the 1st degree as the result of an incident reported on February 5. According to information filed by Officer Chad Hubanks, he was dispatched to 515 Cadiz street to an apartment where he spoke with Misty Womble. Womble stated that she and Sherry Marlow of Fordyce used to be friends but she cut off the friendship due to Marlow's alleged drug abuse. Womble said Marlow became  upset with her over this and threatened to “blow her head off” as well as calling DHS on her. Marlow said she would come and kick her door in. Marlow was taken into custody but had to be released because there was no housing available for a female prisoner in Ouachita or Grant county. Marlow was told to report to the Fordyce Police Department on February 27 on the charge of terroristic threatening. Marlow did comply with that order. After her first appearance in court she was turned over to the Dallas county Sheriff's department.