03/08/17  Dallas County Circuit Court


49 year old Edward Louis Craig of Sparkman has been charged in Dallas County Circuit Court with terroristic threatening, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance. The charges were filed in court by Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Tom Wynne. The charges were filed against Craig on February 18,  by Dallas County Deputy Ryan Coleman. According to the incident report Coleman filed, Craig is alleged to have threatened to cut off his brother's head. A machete was found on Craig's bed along with smoked marijuana cigarettes, crack cocaine, a spoon used to melt crack and several bags containing small amounts of marijuana. Coleman took Craig into custody. Wynne will seek to try Craig under the habitual criminal statute that allows the judge to render a longer jail stay.

33 year old James Derrick Ray of Sparkman has been charged in Dallas County Circuit Court with fleeing apprehension, aggravated assault (2 counts). According to an incident report filed by Dallas County Deputy Ryan Coleman, on November 12, pulled Ray over on a traffic stop in Sparkman. As Coleman was getting out of his car, Ray sped off and led Coleman and other officers on a high speed chase through Sparkman and surrounding area.

Officers never did apprehend Ray who attempted to run down an officer. A check on Ray's record revealed he was driving on a suspended license and he had a felony warrant out of Clark county. Ray was apprehended and will appear in circuit court in Dallas County March 15. He too will be tried under the habitual criminal statute.