03/02/17  Ouachita Circuit Court


Criminal filings in Ouachita County Circuit Court on February 21, by Deputy Prosecutor R. Jeffrey Sawyer.

47 year old John L. Tippitt of Camden, on January 31, was charged by Ouachita County deputies with 2nd degree domestic battery. Tippitt is charged with striking his mother-in-law, breaking her glasses and biting her finger causing it to bleed.

60 year old Jerry Wayne Nichols of Camden was charged in circuit court with distribution, possessing or viewing matter depicting sexually explicit conduct involving a child. The charges came after the arrest of Nichols at his residence for failure to comply with the law involving registration of sex offenders. Nichols was charged with sexual assault in 1991. A search was made of Nichols house and sexually explicit material was found.

36 year old Christopher L. Stevens of Camden was charged January 11 with possession of a controlled substance, meth or cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia. The arrest came following a search of Stevens and his vehicle parked outside Wal-Mart. A backpack found in the vehicle, belonging to Christina Roundtree contained more drugs and paraphernalia. Roundtree was arrested in Wal-Mart trying to shoplift. Criminal charges were filed in circuit court against Stevens by Sawyer.

29 year old John C. Heard of Camden on January 16 was charged by Camden police with aggravated assault on a family or household member, possession of a firearm by certain persons and terroristic threatening. According to information filed in circuit court, Heard is alleged to have threatened the life of his wife with a handgun, which he fired inside the house. Heard is a convicted felon, convicted of delivery of a controlled substance in 2006.

19 year old Tycorian T. McDaniel of Camden on January 24 was stopped by Camden police as he was walking down the street, searched and was found in possession of hydrocodone, codeine phosphate and tramadol. He was charged in circuit court on February 21 by the prosecutors office.

62 year old Larry Edward Stafford of Camden was charged by deputy prosecutor R. Jeffrey Sawyer with multiple criminal charges including stalking in the first degree, distribution, possession or viewing matter that is sexually explicit involving a child, two counts of terroristic threatening, two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia and five counts of indecent exposure and possession of an instrument of crime. Stafford's criminal record indicates he's a convicted felon with his last conviction in 2010 on two counts of 2nd degree forgery. He is on active parole and his parole officer was present at the time his residence was searched and officers found documentation indicating that Stafford had been out of the country without his parole officer's permission.