02/06/17  12 Days Left To Sign Up For Razorback Roundup


Just 12 days from today is the deadline to get signed up for the Razorback Round Up. This years event has been moved up to an earlier date. Razorback Roundup organizer Jeremy Sullivent explained why the date was moved up.

The squirrel hunt is scheduled for Saturday morning, February 25. This years event is February 23 thru 25.

Sullivent said there will be a buddy coon hunt Friday night and on Saturday the coon and squirrel treeing event.

In the wild hog hunt division, teams will be comprised of 4 persons. Hunting begins at midnight Thursday and ends Saturday at 3pm. Entry fee is $300.00 per team and Sullivent pointed out something each team must have.

This is the 4th annual Razorback Roundup. Sullivent expects about 30 teams to sign up for the hog hunt. All the meat from the hog hunt goes to "Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry". For more information, contact Jeromy Sullivent at 870-484-1775.