01/30/17  Game And Fish Working On New Regulation Proposals


Game and Fish biologist will be submitting regulation proposals next month for next year and its also the time that proposals received from the public during the previous year are considered for implementation.

All the game and fish biologists in the state meet to discuss the proposal and to come up with the staff's list that's presented to the commission and to the public for consideration. Years ago, public meetings were held in each regional office but they were not well attended. Now the public can give their input on the website or by calling or emailing their local biologist during the month of May.

This year, one regulation has been made for District 6 in regards to largemouth bass in Lower White Oak Lake. This regulation protects all largemouth bass 15 to 18 inches. All largemouth bass in that range must be released. The limit for large mouth bass on Lower White Oak Lake has been increased to 10 fish, with only one bass over 18 inches allowed. This means anglers can keep 10 bass under 15 inches or 9 under 15 inches and 1 over 18 inches. Check out the 2017 Fishing Guidebook to keep up to date.