01/26/17  Fordyce Mayor Reminds Residence Of Heavy Truck Ordinance


Fordyce city ordinance 868, regulating the driving and or parking of heavy trucks and trailers on city streets has been re-published. The ordinance was originally passed in September of 1986 when Tom Wynne was mayor.

The ordinance stipulates that it shall be prohibited in the City of Fordyce to drive semi-truck-trailers on any city streets other than officially designated truck routes except for the purpose of pick up or delivery. The ordinance also states that it is prohibited to drive loaded pulpwood “Bob” trucks or other log trucks on any city street not designated a truck route. Any pulpwood or log trucks harvesting wood on property in the city limits are exempted. It is also unlawful to park semi-tractor-trailers and pulpwood or other log trucks on any city street.

The penalty for violation of the ordinance is a fine up to $250.00. Each day of violation shall be considered a separate offense.

Mayor John MacNichol said this ordinance is being re-published just in case any truckers, individual or companies, may have forgotten what the law states. The Mayor said the Police department will hand a copy of the ordinance to the violator the first time they are cited and a ticket will be issued for the second violation.