01/25/17  Fordyce And  Bearden School Superintendents Discusses State Legislature Actions


The legislature will be making decisions affecting Arkansas schools in the current sessions and that includes South Arkansas schools. In recent  interviews, we got comments from the Superintendent of Bearden schools, Denny Rozenberg and the Superintendent of Fordyce Schools, Dr. Albert Snow.

Rozenberg said he's interested in changing how student remediation is handled.

Dr. Snow is part of the Superintendents Association and serves on a committee that decides what legislative bills the Superintendents will support and which one they will oppose. Snow told us yesterday one bill he felt the Association would oppose is House Bill 1222.

Under the bill, individual and corporate taxpayers could effectively choose to divert their income tax dollars to a nonprofit organization administering the education account program, then receive a tax credit in that amount from the state. In addition to the tax credit, the donation would count as a charitable contribution. Snow says the idea is not a new one.

The bill also states that the curriculum and education plan at non-public public school is not subject to regulation by the state. Twenty-three Republican representatives and senators out of 135 legislators have signed on with the bill.