01/09/17   Fordyce Police Blotter


According to Fordyce Police Chief Jimmy Vaughn, Fordyce police officers made a total of 21 arrests between December 16 and January 3, including 9 arrests for failure to appear in court.

Those cited for failure to appear include Charlotte Malone, Kimberly Dawn Russell, Demond Williams, Christi Lynee Olvera of Bearden, Corey Jamal Marks, Isaac Jones, Robert V. Raymond, Larry Blake Garner and Ashley Connor.

Ryan Eddington, and Paul Cross were cited for failure to pay fines. Others arrested included Ladarrell Eppenger, arrested by officer Charles Still for failure to comply to a court order.

Edward Smith was arrested by officer John Cutrell on a disorderly conduct charge.

Jennifer McKinney was arrested by officer Mark Hopkins and charged with violation of the hot check law.

Allen Bernard Gresham was cited by officer Michael Rhodes for failure to clean up his property.