01/04/17   Dallas County Criminal Charges


According to the Dallas County Sheriff's Office, on December 15 a warrant was issued for the arrest of 32 year old Kristy Hall on charges of residential burglary and theft of property. The warrant was issued by the 13th judicial district and Hall was arrested on December 16. Hall, giving a statement to investigators confessed she was involved in the  burglary and theft along with Jerry Hammonds from Sparkman. No further details on the incident were available.

On December 2, Mitch Johnson, owner of Sparky's Convenience store in Sparkman reported to the Dallas County Sheriff's department that an employee Christy Cross had allegedly forged a customer's charge account and took $50.00 out of the register. Johnson showed Dallas county criminal investigator Chance Dodson a receipt form Gaston Lumber Company showing that Tommy Gaston had purchased some gas for less than $10.00, Johnson said Cross who was working that day later took the receipt and added a $50.00 charge to it for groceries, he said Cross took the $50.00 out of the register for her personal use. In an interview, Cross later confessed that she had taken the $50.00 from the register.

On December 6, Dallas County Deputy Ryan Coleman was on routine patrol in Sparkman and observed a vehicle with no license plate. Coleman stopped the vehicle and informed the driver, identified as Charles McClure, why he stopped him. McClure was asked to step out of the vehicle and when he did Coleman observed syringes sticking out of McClure's jacket pocket. Coleman asked McClure what the syringes were used for and McClure informed  Coleman they were used to ingest meth. Coleman seized the paraphernailia for evidence and placed McClure under arrest. It was discovered that McClure had an active warrant for his arrest out of Arkadelphia.