01/03/17   Four Hampton Residents Charged In Breaking And Entering Case

According to a report by Dallas County Criminal investigator Chance Dodson, four Hampton residents have been charged in a November 14,  break in at Gloria Quimby's residence at 14  Highway 205 near Fordyce.

Quimby reported that someone had broken into a residence that she owns plus a shop out back. She said a brand new regulator wall clock valued at $200.00 had been taken. She said she placed surveillance cameras on the property the next morning. 

Around 4:45 on November 15, Dodson was called back out to the residence on a report that witnesses had observed three white males and a white female at the Quimby residence. Upon his arrival Dodson saw a Grey Toyota truck parked about 75 yards from the house, and the driver, identified as Jadon Langston of Hampton stated the truck had broken down.

A passenger in the vehicle, Raymond Lee of Hampton said they were trying to steal gas from the vehicle parked in the front yard and they had broken into the shop. He also stated, Kasie Bryant and Buddy Pierce from Hampton were hiding in the woods. Upon investigation, it was learned that gas cans from the shop were taken from the shop and a rubber hose was found in front of the truck.

Langston and Lee were arrested for breaking and entering. Kasie Bryant and Buddy Pierce were taken into custody walking down highway 8 a few miles from the crime scene. They were also taken into custody.