01/02/17   Dallas County Investigator Still Chasing Cold Case


According to Dallas County Criminal investigator Chance Dodson, his department is closing out 2016 with no open felony cases. Dodson says since he took over as criminal investigator in Dallas county, felony arrests have gone from 62 to 109 felony arrests.

Dodson says there's one case every criminal investigator in the region wants to close, and that's the disappearance about 4 years ago of Laura Jones of Fordyce. Jones left her children at her mothers house and was never seen again.

Dodson said an extensive investigation ensued. Fordyce Police investigators, Dallas County investigators..State Police and Cleveland County investigators conducted interviews with 20 to 40 individuals. Polygraphs were run and every lead in the case was followed up on.

The last confirmed sighting of Laura Jones was near Bearden. Investigators had a tip that Jones' body was dumped in an abandoned well in Cleveland County, that well was drained and investigators went down into the well, but to no avail. No body was found. Dodson says investigators never got any good leads, evidence or suspects in the case.

If anyone knows anything about the disappearance of Laura Jones of Fordyce, you're asked to call Fordyce Police Chief Jimmy Vaughn at 352-2178 or call Chance Dodson at the Dallas County Sheriff's office at 352-2002. Everything you say will be held in confidence.