12/28/16   Flood Warning Continues For Camden Area


The National Weather Service in Little Rock says the flood warning continues for the Ouachita River at Camden affecting Ouachita and Calhoun counties. The Ouachita River at Thatcher lock and dam, affecting Bradley, Calhoun and Union Counties.

The forecast is based on current conditions and rainfall forecast to occur over the next 24 hours.

At Camden, flood stage is 26 feet, as of Tuesday morning, the river was at 27.2 feet.

Forecasters say the river will continue to rise to near 30 feet by early Friday morning. Residents are reminded highway 7 at the river floods. Portions of Sandy Beach are already underway as well as the park along the river off 79-B. Some roads east and north of Camden may flood as well.

The flood warning will continue until further notice or the warning is cancelled.